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Topics: Chemistry, Redox, Carbon Pages: 3 (745 words) Published: May 18, 2013
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UNIT OUTLINE – Trimester 1, 2013

Module Name:| Chemistry|
Module Code:| CHE001|
Nominal Duration:| 52 Hours (4 hours/week|
Discipline:| Stream Module * Engineering * Science (Health Sciences) * Science (Physical Sciences)| Module Purpose:| This module introduces the study of matter and its interactions thereby providing a link with other branches of natural science. It’s designed to assist students appreciate the impact of chemical knowledge and technology on society.This Chemistry module is designed for students who wish to study physical sciences or health sciences at tertiary level. | Pre-requisites:| None|


* The outcomes of this module will be assessed using a variety of assessment strategies including, assignments and reports, in-class tests, laboratory investigations and an examination. * It is proposed that the following approximate weightings be assigned to the various forms of assessment within this module. * There may be significant variation in the assessment methods utilised by trainers in this module. * Assignments/reports: 15-25%

* Tests: 15-25%
* Laboratory Investigations; 10 – 25%
* Final Examination: %40 – 60%

1. Describe composition of matter and chemical change.
2. Explain trends within the periodic table.
3. Describe Chemical Bonding in its various forms
4. Calculate chemical quantities and stoichiometry
5. Explain Oxidation - Reduction reactions
6. Demonstrate a knowledge of Organic Chemistry (Optional Element)

1. Describe composition of matter and chemical change.| 1.1 Describe the nature of matter in terms of atoms and molecules, elements and compounds . 1.2 Describe atomic structure and electron configuration.1.3 Describe chemical change in terms of transfer...
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