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Table of content
1. Introduction3
1.1. Background information3
1.2. Report objectives3
2. Literature Review4
2.1. Overview4
2.2. Model 1: Kolb (1974)7
2.3. Model 2: Honey and Mumford (1986)9
2.4. Model 3: Allinson and Hayes (1996)11
2.5. Model 4: Jackson (2002)13
2.6. The comparison among four models.15
3. Case Study16
3.1. Situation of problem16
3.2. Indentify the author’s learning style18
3.3. The author’s application18
4. Conclusion and Reflection19
4.1. Conclusion19
4.2. Reflection21

1. Introduction
1. Background information
Duong's majors in Computer Science. He has good abilities to technology, analysis, control and solves problems. He is confident with his skills and always wants to become a good manager. After graduated from the Science University, he and his partner established the Rubik, an information technology solution and consultant company that supply content managing software and set up informative and high interactive websites for users. They provide consultations and working out IT solutions for enterprises and social organizations, promote Information and Technology application capabilities, increase turnout and enhance relations with business partners with the least expenses. Currently, he is the General Director and is responsible for managing total activities of the Company such as Strategies, Personnel, Projects, Finance, Marketing and Branding. He outlined several strategic plans in order to develop company and tried to achieve those things. He encountered a lot of issues since his company has been established. During the first time, he managed by his instinct. So, he made some terrible decisions which influenced the existence of his company. And the worst decision was about strategic product which will discuss in the Case Study part.

2. Report objectives
This report focuses to analysis the preferred learning style and how it affects to individual. And considering an understanding of how to learn from the experiences, how this can be used to solving the problem which is encountered in working or learning. Beside, the author utilised four academic models in the critical discussion

The author will describe about a special case which he faced in the commencement of his company. It is possible to present the learning style can influence to individual. This report includes four sections:

• Introduction: this section brief outline of the author's organisation, his role and the problem or issue identified • Literature Review: this section discuss about the concepts of experiential learning and analysis four models. • Case study: This section gives an analysis of how to apply the theoretical frameworks discussed above in the author's detailed problem situation. • Conclusion and Reflection: this section provides a critical evaluation of the learning throughout the assignment. Summarizing the problem and theory. And discuss about the tendency which the author should develop in the future to tackle better the similar issue.

2. Literature Review
1. Overview
❖ Learning style concept
• “Learning has occurred when someone:
- knows something they did not know earlier, and can show it . - is able to do something which they were not able to do before”. (Honey & Mumford 1992 in Foot and Hook 2005:193)

• “Learning is shown by a relatively permanent change in behaviour that occurs as a result of practice or experience. (Bass and Vaughan 1966 in Foot and Hook 2005:193)

• "The Shorter Oxford Dictionary defines learning as:
1. The action of the verb TO LEARN.
2. What is learnt or taught.
3. Knowledge . . . got by study."
(Shorter Oxford Dictionary in Foot and Hook 2005: 193)

❖ Learning process
• Kolb (1974)

Figure 1:...

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