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Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Study skills Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: August 19, 2013
The three study strategies that I have chosen are Recite, Rehearse, and Write, Study during short, frequent sessions, and using flash cards. Recite, Rehearse and write is a way of learning the material by respectively reviewing it repetitively. Study during short, frequent sessions is a way to gain the knowledge by reviewing the material in short intervals, leaving it for a short period of time and then returning to go over it again. Using Flash cards is a process that uses visual cues to help the intake of information that you are studying.

Contrary to my smarter measure assessment of being social learner, learning strategies that are somewhat solitary such as recite, rehearse and write work well for my learning style. I’ve learned that when I write something down more than once I tend to remember it better verses listening or learning in a group where I tend not to take in the information as well. Frankly I disagree with the assessment and think when it comes to my learning it may be off. However in everyday life I am a very social person.

When it comes to the studying in short frequent sessions, this is a strategy that works for me. It suites the assessment of my “social” learning style well. It gives me a break between the monotony of school work. The time in between gives me the opportunity to take in the information with some physical, and interactive behaviors. The breaks reinvigorate me and help with focus.

Flash cards, surprisingly enough, work well with my hands-on style. I incorporate some type of note taking with all my visual studies. Visual stimulation, to me, is right alongside social stimulation. However the visual methods must be linked with some sort of reading or note taking in order to be effective. I’ve found that looking at some information, then discussion with notes is helpful.

When it comes to me being able to use each strategy in my current learning environment we will start with the ones I just discussed. Recite,...
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