Topics: Geert Hofstede, Cross-cultural communication, Laos Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: June 16, 2013
Hofstede cultural dimensions
High Power Distance
First of all, Power distance is the one of the important part in Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. Power distance means that “ beliefs about the appropriate distribution of power in society. Which power distance level included high power distance and low power distance”. (Steers, et al., 2010, p.56). In Asia, normally many countries are representatives of the high power distance. Of course it also comprise Laos. In Laos, that high power distance environment shows- people need acceptable from supervisor command to display his authority. Simultaneously, leadership have privilege. If something goes wrong, the subordinates are usually blamed for not doing their proper job. It like teachers always treated respectfully. For example, “In Laos, any movement was restricted, and visitors had to be reported to the village head. If in rural villages, disputes are handled as much as possible by village committees, usually made up of senior men. Then, intravillage disputes are handled by the district administration, with attempts to follow party guidelines and local customs”.(Ja-Ma, 2013). Therefore, high power distance culture environment make Laos people used to obey the leadership or supervisors controls and commands. Meanwhile, this cultural backgrounds reflected leaderships and subordinates power distance in Laos. Collectivists

Secondly, in Hofstede’s cultural Dimensions have ‘individualism-collectivism’ concept. It is relative important of individual vs. group interests. “ In individualism societies, ties are loose and everyone looks out for himself or herself. But, collectivism societies shows people integrated into stong, cohesive group and protection is exchanged for loyalty”. (Steers, et al., 2010, p.56). Laos belong to collectivism culture. In collectivism culture backgrounds-Laos, if somebody openly speaking one’s mind, will appears distasteful and face open expression risks. At the same time, the right...

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