Successful Students Take Notes

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Successful Students Take Notes


Successful Students Take Notes
Successful students are always looking for ways to improve their study skills. One habit all successful students demonstrate is taking notes. Note- taking helps to monitor your reading and understanding of material. It does no good to take notes if you are unable to comprehend the material. There are many different techniques for note-taking. Not only can read and highlight, or write down notes, but they can use alternative strategies as well. The best note-taking strategy is different for every student. It is important to adjust your note-taking style to your learning style. One way to determine your learning style is to take the VARK QUESTIONNAIRE 7.0. This questionnaire was created by Neil D. Fleming in 1987. This is a learning style inventory, which determines different learning styles and the ways you can utilize different study strategies. VARK is an anagram for Visual, Auditory, Read/write, and Kinesthetic. Visual learners use diagrams, charts, graphs, and other visual means. Auditory learners respond to hearing information, or perhaps reading aloud. Read/write learners see information displayed as words and process that information effectively. Kinesthetic learners prefer to utilize all of their senses in the learning process. Once you ascertain your learning style, you can improve your study habits by taking notes that compliment your specific mode of learning, there-by becoming a more successful student. Making and using flash cards is one of the most traditional strategies a student can implement when taking notes. Flash cards contain key terms on one side and the definition or explanation of the term is on the other side. This method can work exceptionally well for those that learn best by reading and writing. Review sheets are kind of like flash cards only instead of being on index cards, your notes are condensed into a list of key terms and...

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