Summary of Intercultural Communication: a Critical Introduction

Topics: Communication, Cross-cultural communication, Culture Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Summary of Intercultural Communicaion: A Critical Introduction (2011)

As to give a brief summary of Intercultural Communicaion: A Critical Introduction (2011), the author of this book strongly wishes to convey the importance of intercultural communication in nowadays, which could be explained as globalized world, which has brought our lives into numerous encounters to different cultures (pp.1). He comes up with many case studies, which could be more easily understandable of such terms which are used in this field. He used one case study of Nakane’s in his context, research of Japanese oversea students in Australia, to stress that it is important to consider ‘perception’ and ‘performance’ both in intercultural communication, because it cannot be said all the perceptions are right (pp.2). He additionally says that it is problematic in intercultural communication that ‘language forms are taken to stand for much more than just language proficiency’ (pp.3). Then he comes up with the aim of this book, which is to well-inform the readers about intercultural communication, mentioning two key contributions of intercultural communication (pp.3). In Chapter 2: Approaching Intercultural Communication, he comes up with three examples (case studies) to give brief definitions of three studies; ‘cross-cultural communication’, ‘intercultural communication’, and ‘inter-discourse communication’ (pp.5-8). To make them brief by taking key words each, ‘compares’ for ‘cross-cultural communication’, ‘in interaction’ for ‘intercultural communication’, and ‘discursively constructed’ for ‘inter-discourse communication’ (pp.8). ‘Cross-cultural communication’ is to research ‘communicative practices comparatively’, ‘intercultural communication’ is to study an interaction between different groups’ communicative practices, and ‘inter-discourse communication’ is to refer other bibliographies as one way of approach in this field (pp.8). After the brief introduction of these three...
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