Supporting Homosexual Marriage

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Supporting Homosexual Marriage
Instructor Michele Clearman-Warner

Supporting Homosexual Marriage
Romeo and Juliet was a tragic romance known and taught all around the schools in the United States. Their families prohibited the two of them from seeing each other. In the end the love they had for each other was stronger than following the laws. When a couple is in love it does not matter who or what it is against it, they will continue to love each other because it is between them not anyone else. Would the schools be teaching the children Romeo and Juliet if it were Romeo and Julian? Probably not, but who are we to tell anyone they are not allowed to be together and have the same rights as anyone else that is in love and able to marry? When a couple is in love whether it is a man or a woman, or a homosexual couple, they should be allowed to marry and make that sacred commitment to each other and only each other. Homosexual marriage has many good aspects that include these five: 1. They can bring financial gain to state and local governments. 2. It will make it easier for same-sex couples to adopt children. 3. It will give them access to basic rights.

4. It is protected by the Constitution’s commitment to liberty and equality. 5. In denying same-sex couples the right to marry sends the message that it is acceptable to discriminate against them. Financial Gain

Homosexual marriage can bring financial gain to state and local governments in few different ways. The revenue from gay marriage would accumulate from the “marriage penalty” in the higher income taxes, and in marriage licenses. William C. Thompson (2007), the Comptroller for New York City, at the time, discovered that legalizing gay marriage would bring $142 million to the City’s economy and $184 million to the State’s economy. Everyone complains that they have to pay so much in taxes so why shouldn’t couples that live like a married couple already have to pay the same taxes as an actual married man and wife. There are many fees to getting married including the license fee. Then on top of that to change names there’s a fee, and to obtain a new social security card there are fees. So as far as finances it will only bring more revenue to the government. The government and state are in debt so much as it is why would it be such a bad idea to bring in the money from every American living the American dream with no fees. Adopting Children

Homosexual marriage will make it easier for same-sex couples to become foster parents and adopt children. Same-Sex unions are becoming more common, and most countries do not recognize them as legal families (Mintz, 2012). How wrong is that when child adoption agencies are already allowing same-sex couples adopt or even provide foster care for children in need of a loving and caring home. Legalizing same-sex marriage will not only help provide more homes for these children it will make the process much easier for these loving couples that are ready to share their love as parents. There are many couples that for obvious reasons could not create a baby on their own, but why should anyone not allow or give them such a hard time if they wanted to care for a child without a loving home? Many adoptions are to find permanent, loving families for children whose birth parents cannot raise them (Samuels, 2012). There are so many children in the system and not enough heterosexual couples to provide the love for these children. The more families that can help the better it will be for these children to have a better life. Yes it is not easy to go through an adoption process, even for a heterosexual couple, but is it fair or right to give a loving heterosexual couple an even harder time for the same process? If homosexual marriage is legalized the piece of paper that states the couple is legally married will give that couple just as much rights as a heterosexual couple in the adoption process. Basic Rights...

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