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Team Dynamics and Leadership Z371
Spring 2014

Josh Plaskoff
Charlotte Westerhaus-Renfrow
Jim Flynn
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BS 4038
BS 4049
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Diane Wetzold
Stacey Wessel
Stacey Wessel
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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, Lencioni, P. Jossey-Bass. 2002. (FDT)

Intercultural Communication, Ting-Toomy, S. and Leeva, C.E., 2nd edition. Oxford University Press, 2012.

Readings Packet: Cases that will be used in class discussion will be available in a readings packer. Information about how to acquire the packet will be provided. COURSE DESCRIPTION
This course will cover topics in team dynamics, intercultural communication, and leadership that will help students learn how teams work and how to work better in teams in an organization and/or a business. Case studies, readings, and exercises will be used throughout the course. COURSE OBJECTIVES

1. To understand and be able to explain what motivates you and others, and how that makes each of us behave the way we do. 2. To be able to productively influence others in a work group or team, whether we have a ‘leadership’ position and power or not. 3. To understand the dynamics of intercultural communication in work groups and teams. 4. To develop intercultural communication skills to communicate, solve problems, make decisions, and resolve conflict. 5. To be able to determine your ethical perspective, as well as the ethical perspective others through the language and terms we use. 6. To understand how our ethical perspective shapes our definition of decisions as good and bad, and the inherent weaknesses of our ethical orientation.

In addition to the course goals and objectives, the Kelley School of Business has adopted and supports “Principles of Undergraduate Learning” (PULs). The PUL framework describes the knowledge and skills graduates of IUPUI should develop in and outside courses in their major prior to completion of bachelor’s degree requirements.

The Kelley School of Business has determined which of the principles will be taught and assessed in each of its courses – and what graduates in that major will know and be able to do to illustrate competence in each of the four areas addressed by these principles. These specific principles – “Principles of Business Learning” (PBLs) - apply specifically to courses in the business major.

Students successfully completing Z371 Team Dynamics and Leadership should be able to: 1. Apply the Insights model to effectively collaborate within and provide leadership for group and team functions. (PUL 1A, 5,6) (PBL 2, 3b) 2. Change item 2 to: Facilitate effective team functions using by addressing multiple dimensions of team dynamics as documented in development of team charters and team norms. (PUL 1A, 5,6) (PBL 2, 3b, 4) 1. Explain models of intercultural communication within teams and organizational settings. (PUL 1, 2, 3c, 5c, PBL 2,3, 4a) 2. Articulate a personal leadership model that integrates theory and practice, and demonstrates raised levels of emotional and social intelligence, and the ethical considerations and implications of different decisions that members of organizations encounter. (PUL 1A, 2, 3, 6) (PBL 1, 2, 3A, 4)

Please refer to the page 13 of this syllabus to see a complete description of PBL and PUL.

This course is part of is part of the Integrated Core (I-Core). Work begins on the first day of class.
If any class period is missed in any of the four courses that comprise I-Core during the first two weeks of the semester, you will be administratively withdrawn from all four classes. If you know you will miss one or more classes during the first two weeks...
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