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Miami Dade College
Chemistry, Physics & Earth Science Department
Kendall Campus
Summer 2012-03

CHM 1033- Chemistry: General, Organic and Biological

Instructor information:

Instructor Name (Summer A): (Summer B):

Julia Maria Diaz-Consul, Ph.D. Maria Tarafa, Ph.D.



Room: T-302 T-301

Telephone: 305-237-2590 305-237-2760

Text required: Exploring Chemistry by Johann, Ciereszko and Gottlieb (Hayden McNeil 10th edition). Recommended text is Chemistry: an Introduction to General, Organic & Biological Chemistry by Timberlake. Calculator required: Any non-programmable. You must bring it every time you come. Telephones may not be used as calculators. Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 9:50-11:30 AM in room 2111

Last day to drop with “W” – T 07/02

This course will help you to be prepared for a career in a health- related profession, such as nursing or respiratory therapy. The student is presented with the concepts related with chemicals and chemistry, starting by the need to understand numerical structures of the metric system in the sciences. After discovering the basics of atomic and molecular structure and the calculations necessary to experiment with these materials, will be study the factors which can affect these structures. You will understand that all matter is composed of elements and how the amounts of some of them are crucial to the proper growth and function of the body. The basics of organic chemistry as they pertain to biological chemistry are also studied. General Education Outcomes: This class addresses the following General Education Outcomes: • Outcome No. 2 – Use quantitative analytical skills to evaluate and process numerical data. • Outcome No. 3 – Solve problems using critical and creative thinking and scientific reasoning. • Outcome No. 4 – Formulate strategies to locate, evaluate, and apply information. • Outcome No. 8 – Use computer and emerging technologies effectively. • Outcome No. 10 – Describe how natural systems function and recognize the impact of humans in the environment. Evaluations and grading:

The course will consist of four objective tests and a comprehensive final exam. The second exam will be a Mid-term Exam; it will cover half of the course curriculum. The fourth exam will cover the second half of the curriculum and will be given at the end of the term. A comprehensive Final Exam must be taken if a test is missed. Each exam is worth 100 points. |Points |Grading Scale |

|(out of 400 points) | |
|A : 356 pts |A = 89-100% |
| |B = 78-88% |
| |C = 65-77% |
| |D = 55-64% |
| |F = 0-54% |
|B: 312 pts | |
|C: 260 pts | |
|D: 220 pts | |

Exam conditions:
The students will sit in their assigned sit during exams, placing all the notes and books closed under the seat. No scratch paper and no electronic devices may be used. Programmable calculators are not allowed on exams. No make-up exams are given; one missed exam can be replaced by the final exam. If a student is too ill to take or complete an exam, or needs to use the restroom and leaves the room, the final can replace one missed exam....
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