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Republic of the Philippines
Candon City, Ilocos Sur

(Principles and Theories of Educational Technology)

College Vision

NLPSC is a dynamic institution of higher learning, producing competent and socially responsible human resource, for the sustainable development of North Philippines.

College Mission

NLPSC is committed to produce competent graduates through innovative, quality and relevant academic programs, and to create and disseminate new knowledge and appropriate technologies anchored on responsive research and extension programs, for the sustainable development of North Philippines.

Course Code: METHOD 2

Course Title: Educational Technology 1: Principles and Theories of Educational Technology

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce the basic learning theories and principles as bases for thedesign, development, implementation and evaluation of instruction using education technology. It also deals with the investigation of the different forms of educational media in the classroom both traditinal and technology-based and their uses in the delivery of instruction. Thus, students are expected to demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature, application and production of various types of educational technologies.

Credit: 3.0 units

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course students should be able to:
1. Define educational technology and explain its relationship with other terms in the teaching learning situation 2. Trace the development of educational technology under different era and the corresponding educational technology used 3. Give the roles and function of educational technology

4. Understand systematic instructional planning
5. Explore theories and domains of learning
6. Acquainted with new technologies inside the classroom
7. Compare the cone of experience and the three-tiered model of learning 8. Give the importance of putting up and maintaining an educational media center 9. Develop various teaching and learning materials through various types of modern technologies 10. Appreciate the value of emerging technologies in enhancing the teaching-learning process

Course Content

Learning Objectives
Learning Content/Topic
Time Allotment
Learning Assesment

A. Recognize the VMGO of the College
B. Graspthe policies and requirements of the course
C. Comprehendthe overview of the course

B. Class Policies
C. Grading System
D. Course Requirements
E. Overview of the course
Week 1
- Discussion
- Forum

Course syllabus

A. Trace the history of educational technology with focus on the different forms of traditional materials and their developments B. Evaluate the presence of technology
C. Assess the roles of educational technology in teaching-learning process.


LESSON I:  Background, Information and Overview
A. Definition of Key Terms
B. History of Technology in Education
C. Technology: Boon or Bane?
D. Roles of Educational Technology in Learning
E. Enrichment Acitivity

Week 1-3

Discussion using Multimedia Presentation
Video resentation

- Recitation
- Quiz
- Wiki discussion

- Attentiveness
- Sense of responsibility

History of Technology in Eudcation-

Education Technology 1 Corpuz& Lucido (2008)

Teaching Educational Technology
Garo (2004)

What is Education Technology?- A. Understand systematic instructional planning
B. Explore theories and domains of learning
C. Acquainted with new technologies inside the classroom

LESSON II: Theories in Educational technology
A. Systematic Approach to Teaching
B. Theories and Domains of Learning
C. Teaching and learning framework
D. Integrating technology in the...

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