Synthesis and Characterization of Pb(S, Se)Thin Films.

Topics: Chemistry, Semiconductor, Electrical conductivity Pages: 4 (1051 words) Published: December 14, 2011
Studies on chemically deposited Pb(S,Se) thin films
J. D. Chaudhari *, R.D. Chaudhari * *, Dr. R. H. Bari +
Department of Physics, G. D. M. Arts, K. R. N. Commerce & M. D. Science College, Jamner.Pin – 424 206

Abstract :
Thin films of Pb(S,Se) [lead sulfoselenide] have been prepared on glass substrate at 50°C by simple chemical bath deposition technique. The starting materials used for deposition were lead acetate, tri-sodium citrate, sodium sulphite and elemental selenium. Ammonium hydroxide solution was used to adjust pH of the bath. In order to obtain good quality thin films, time, deposition temperature and pH of the solution were optimized and they are found to be 1 hour, 50°C and 10 respectively. Characterization included XRD and UV spectroscopy and electrical conductivity. The results are discussed and interpreted. Keywords: Pb(S,Se), thin film, chemical bath deposition technique. 1.Introduction:

Semiconducting lead salt alloys PbxSn1-xSe, PbxSn1-xTe and PbSxSe 1-x have attracted substantial attentation in recent years for their use as IR detectors and tunable lasers (1-3) in the form of Schottky barriers (4) and multilayered structures (5). Thin films of these compounds have usually been prepared by co-evaporation (6,7), hot wall epitaxy (8-10). However, some alloy thin films have been prepared from aqueous solutions, such as PbxCd1-xS (11), PbxHg1-xS(12). However no such method of depositing thin films of the lead salt alloy PbSxSe1-x has been reported so far. In the present investigation, chemical bath deposition technique for depositing thin films of PbSxSe1-x is reported together with their structural ,optical and electrical characterization.

The chemical bath deposition technique is the simplest and capable of large area fabrication technique at low cost. In this technique, wastage of material is minimum and there is no need to handle the poisonous gases like H2Se and H2S. 2. Experimental Procedure :

The chemical...

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