Synthesis and Reaction of halogenoalkane, 1-bromobutane

Topics: Hydrochloric acid, Sulfuric acid, Chemistry Pages: 4 (962 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Title: Synthesis and Reaction of halogenoalkane, 1-bromobutane Aim: To prepare 1-bromobutane and investigate some of its reactions Materials and Apparatus:
Eye protection
Distillation Kit
Measuring cylinder
Teat pipette
Rack with 3 small test tubes
Butan-1-ol (harmful and flammable)
Sodium bromide
Concentrated sulphuric acid (very corrosive)
Anhydrous sodium sulphate
Concentrated hydrochloric acid (corrosive)
Ethanol (highly flammable)
Dilute nitric acid (corrosive)
Dilute sodium hydroxide (corrosive)
Silver nitrate solution, approximately 0.1 M
Sodium bromide solution, approximately 0.1 M


1.A clean dry round bottom flask was weighed.
2.10g of Sodium bromide, 6g of butan-1-ol and 10cm3 of water was placed in a 50cm3 round bottom flask. a.The mass of butan-1-ol was measured.
b.The flask was fitted with a reflux condenser and a funnel was placed in the top as shown in the apparatus above. 3.The flask was surrounded with a beaker of cold water to cool it during the addition of concentrated sulfuric acid. a.10cm3 of sulfuric acid was placed gradually in the separatory funnel while carefully swirling the apparatus from time to time. b.The funnel was removed from the reflux condenser and the flask from the water bath. c.The apparatus was set and was heated using a heating mantle, so that the mixture refluxed gently for 30-45 minutes. 4.The flask was allowed to cool. The apparatus was rearranged for distillation. a.The mixture was boiled in the flask and the distillate was collected in a measuring cylinder. b.The distillation was continued until the upper organic layer in the flask had disappeared. 5.The aqueous layer was removed and discarded.

6.The organic layer was placed in a separatory funnel. 10cm3 of concentrated hydrochloric acid was poured into the measuring cylinder that was used to receive the distillate....
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