Synthesis of Copper Compounds

Topics: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, Copper Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: November 10, 2014
The purpose of this experiment was to synthesize several compounds of copper from metallic copper. Throughout the experiment, various tests concluded that it was possible to recover the initial copper as metallic copper through a number of reactions. The objective of the experiment was met, with the formation of metallic copper after a series of reactions. It was found that solid copper reacts like nitric acid to form copper (II) nitrate, and this was observed when the solution turned bright blue. Once sodium hydroxide was added, the copper (II) nitrate underwent a double displacement reaction to form copper (II) hydroxide, a gel-like precipitate. The precipitate was then heated to form copper oxide, which was later reacted with sulphuric acid, which led to the formation of copper (II) sulphate. After, zinc metal was added and underwent a single displacement reaction, leading to the formation of metallic copper. The experiment conducted proved that is it possible to recover metallic copper from the initial copper wire through a series of reactions. The objective of this experiment was to demonstrate the law of conservation of mass. The conservation of mass, which was founded by Antoine Lavoiser, is when the total mass of an element remains unchanged before and after a chemical reaction (Shipman p.312, 2000). This objective was relatively effective, for most of the copper was present after the reaction. This demonstrates the law of conservation of mass; the initial mass of copper was not lost during several chemical reactions. Although the experiment was relatively effective, the percent recovery was greater than 100%. This could be due to the effectiveness and reliability of experimental methods that were used throughout this lab. There were many instances where the solution was transferred from one container to another. This could result in a lower percent recovery, because some of the compound could be left behind during the transfer. Percent...

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