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I am relatively small in stature at about 4’11” with dark brown, naturally curly hair and hazel eyes that seem to change color with different lighting.. I currently wear thin, black glasses due to my nearsightedness. I apply cover up everyday to hide my freckles and blemishes on my skin while also wearing black mascara and black eyeliner to bring out my eyes.

I dress in a more conservative style with not many outfits accessorized and simple patterns. I tend to wear a majority of name brand clothing because of the quality of the material and the styles. I don’t have a very broad arrangement of shoes and I typically wear one or two different pairs of shoes a week. I also like to wear simple earrings everyday and the necklace I got for Valentine’s Day from my boyfriend. I also typically paint my nails a bright pink on my toes and blue or silver on my fingernails.

I enjoy to do many activities. For example: I play softball, flag football, ultimate Frisbee, read, volunteer at the library, hang out with friends, spend time with family, and many other things. Other things I like are friendly people, honest people, school events, summer, carnivals, amusement parks, water parks, holiday parties, and birthdays. Things I don’t like to do are clean, do homework everyday, drive small cars, being too busy, and feeling overworked. Things I don’t like are liars, rude people, winter, the color orange, not having access to the internet, being cold, and more. For example, I find myself cold often so I buy blankets, long socks, and anything I can use to stay warm all the time.

I’m good at schoolwork and having plenty of fun. I do well on state testing and I learn a lot when it comes to school and other subjects I can use in my life. I’m always busy having fun with friends and family. I like to make sure everyone has a good time together and that we are never bored. When I’m with my friends, we always use our imaginations to find some way to spend the time. I’m not as good at...
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