Teacher Appraisal as Knowledge Management Practice

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The mission of the Academy is to create future Indonesian Leaders through a holistic and international standard of education. This vision requires teachers who continuously develop as professionals and reflect upon their practices. The appraisal and professional growth instruments are designed to give feedback, promote effective and quality teaching, and encourage a community of practice in which teachers collaboratively share ideas, seek for solutions, and grow as professionals.

The Basic Principles
The academy believes its goals and objectives can be fulfilled simultaneously with the goals and objectives of the individual teachers or staffs. Assisting individual to reach or accomplish his/her goals, is accomplishing the academy’s goals itself. Teachers are assets for the academy and treated as experts of their subject area. They are valuable member for they enrich the academy with ideas (or knowledge), and work together in problem solving and decision making. The academy’s Appraisal and Professional Growth activities are the teachers’ day to day professional activity. Teacher is required to be proactive and perform it in their daily. Individual teacher has the full responsibility in examining his/her own practice, gathering appropriate data, and sharing the knowledge.

The Main Appraisal and Professional Growth Activities
Socializing – This is a reflective practice in which teachers share their knowledge on recent updates in subject area, best practices in content delivering or problems/conflicts resolving. This will prevent teachers from doing the same mistakes, and encourage them to implement the best practices that have been proven effective in coping students’ problems or improving students’ outcomes. This could be done through: Departmental Meeting/MGMP

Professional Sharing Session
IGP conference
Class visit Conference
Externalizing – Teachers have the responsibility to make the knowledge...
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