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Topics: Educational psychology, Summative assessment, Formative assessment Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Teaching Language Skills and Pedagogical Grammar:
Reader Response Worksheet (RRW)

Name _____Laena Kostianos_____ Date __November 6, 2013____

Topic Number and Name __10_ Chapter 11_ Classroom Assessment _

Comments – My own reflections, ideas or experiences related to the reading are… Well it’s related to me right now on two levels. The first is that my students are all immersed in exams at the moment. Every Monday is taken up with exams and then I get a ton of marking and the following week is spent on explaining the tests and where they went wrong. The second is that I was just observed by my school vice principal for a lesson. That was very nerve racking and made me feel very self conscious. The difference between these is that I will use those exams to help my students and assess where they need help and change my lesson plans. My observation however I was told later is purely for her to get an understanding of what kind of teachers we have here and I will not be given feed back. I feel that if you want to observe me then I should at least receive some constructive criticism that will help me (or maybe some praise would be good too).

Clarifications – Something from the reading that was not clear to me is… Motivation in assessment, sometimes you give students back their exams or tests and they seem unfazed by their mark or failure. How can there be more drive or motivation to do better, what can I do to encourage or motivate them further?

Questions – One or two specific questions that came to mind during this reading are… The chapter talks about moving away from formal testing and towards overall assessment schemes, description-based and formative. This certainly has not been adapted into the Hong Kong school system. Do you think something like this could ever come about? If not is there a way to use this concept for our own use in classes or will it be redundant with the amount of testing that already happens?

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