Teaching in the modern day

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning disability, Education Pages: 3 (1151 words) Published: October 15, 2013

Teaching, in this day and age, is perhaps more challenging than it has ever been before. The principles of effective teaching will always remain the same, but the tools used to do so are changing.  In this digitized age, the role of a teacher has been redefined. Teachers have to learn alongside their students, and at the same time, adapt to the onset of new technologies. A teacher must constantly evolve and use new techniques to keep pace with the rest of the world. It is more difficult to teach students today than ever before. However, one cannot blame the students. Whether it is due to a learning disability, or a physical disability, it is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure the needs of the students are met. Teachers now have the opportunity to explore some efficient tools that will allow them to enhance their students' motivation and learning skills. Teachers must mold their teaching strategies around the needs of each and every student.     Learning disabilities, or learning disorders, are terms used for a wide variety of learning problems. According to an article Learning Disabilities in Children :Types of Learning Disorders and Their Signs by authors Gina Kemp, M.A., Melinda Smith, M.A., and Jeanne Segal;" A learning disability is not a problem with intelligence nor motivation. Students with learning disabilities are just as smart as everyone else, their brains are simply wired differently.This difference affects how they receive and process information. Simply put, children and adults with learning disabilities see, hear, and understand things differently. This can lead to trouble with learning new information and skills, and putting them to use." Students with disabilities just need to learn in ways that are tailored to their unique learning styles. By learning more about learning disabilities in general and a child's learning difficulties in particular, you can help pave the way for success at school.

Learning disabilities can be extremely...
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