Teaching Learning and Assessment

Topics: Educational psychology, Learning, Education Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Teaching, learning and assessment have been the three main focus points for this unit of study. Teaching today is thought of differently to the way it has been thought of in the past. One major learning point of this was that we now know that students aren’t like tape recorders. Students don’t learn by being told information, they construct their own knowledge, and they do this better if the teacher provides a constructivist setting in the classroom. In order to teach in the manner expected of teachers today, we have learnt that it is extremely important for a teacher to have knowledge of content, pedagogical content knowledge and general pedagogical knowledge. Knowledge of content explains to us that we as teachers need to understand what we are teaching and how it relates to other similar topics. Pedagogical content knowledge is an understanding of how to represent topics in ways that make them understandable to learners, as well as an understanding of what makes specific topics easy or hard to learn (Eggen & Kauchak 2010). General pedagogical knowledge explains to us that we need to have a sound understanding of classroom management and instruction. This understanding must exceed the individual topics that we are teaching. In other words, we as teachers need to be able to control the flow of our classes so that the students are able to keep up and are understanding the matter they are being taught. Teachers need to be able to impart effective classroom management, they need to prevent disruption where possible and also be able to intervene and resolve disruptions if they occur. Learning about behaviourism and classical conditioning has been a positive learning curve. Behaviourism and classical conditioning are important factors for teachers to understand in relation to their students. As teachers we can condition our students to behave appropriately and positively in our classroom in order to promote positive learning environments. By promoting a safe and...

References: Eggan P. & Kauchak D. (2010). Educational psychology: windows on classrooms (8th. Ed.). Page 9,167
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