Teaching Methodology

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Presentation and lecture are commonly traditional methods widely used in teaching organization, where such values in these techniques are sometimes difficult to understand by the students. The material that the educator trying to teach the students sometimes bores them or makes them confused which eventually make study ineffective. To be an effective educator, he or she has to do more than just to give information. It is to give information in a way that promotes the very best learning. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding. Educators must know what students need to learn and what is the best way to teach it and how to tell if the student have really learned it. There are few teaching strategies that will help to promote effective learning for educator to reach their goal to help student learn the materials that had been taught.

Before starting the class, an educator should include proper planning and preparation such as target audience and suitable topic for the learner education .Since my target learners are among adults and experience health care professionals, the chosen topic should be beneficial and suitable with their current practice. Next is getting engaged with the students by having good social interaction with them. Social interaction is a key mechanism in the process of learning and development. According to Bandura(2001), a person should understand about the behavior and have a knowledge about it when presenting such behavior to learners. Therefore, effective learning results from good social interaction, reinforcement and role modeling. Creating a mutual understanding between teacher and learner is also essential in the process of learning as well as giving the right perception and interpretation of information to the learner.

Another aspect of teaching is through understanding the meaning of cognitive learning theory. Cognitive learning theory explains how the thought processes and provides a deeper explanation of how human learn and understand. The theory also explains how the brain has also the ability to absorbed, process and retain information and understanding it to new or different situations. In other explanation, people learn in their preferred ways and have their own learning styles. According to Burke et al. (2005), this is the ability to transfer knowledge learned during instruction to different situation. The different situations are usually the real-world domain in which the skill is practiced. In according to this statement, educator should understand how student think and learn by understanding their behavioral aspect. An important component of cognitive learning theory is the Bloom’s Taxonomy theory. According to Bloom, he had classified learning objectives which related to cognitive learning (Quinn & Hughes, 2007). In the objectives, he suggested that a skill consist of: * A psychomotor component ( the actual hand-eye coordination and behavioral motor/physical dexterity necessary); * An affective component ( the attitude and application required to carry it out effectively); * A cognitive component (the level of understanding about the task that is required). For example, a nursing student was given an assignment to check patient’s body temperature. First of all, she or he has to have the knowledge on operating the equipment; second, the student have learn appropriately when and how to carry it out on a patient and third a student needs to learn and understand the anatomy and physiology of the brain. The cognitive domain which Bloom developed involves and represents in 6 level of cognition. 1) Knowledge- This is to recall information or data about the subject. 2) Comprehension- Understanding how the data works or what its utility is. 3) Application- The ability to use...
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