Teaching Self-Advocacy

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Teaching Self- Advocacy
When a child has a learning disability it can be overwhelming for the child, because they could be unaware that they have one or even when they find out that they do, some life style changes need to be made. Throughout the learning experience of having an learning disabilities the special education department can teach children of all ages how to become self-advocates for themselves and be able to communicate not only with their parents, but with other peers and teachers too. Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategies

“By equipping (students) with a repertoire of strategies for learning...teachers can provide (them) with the tools for a lifetime of successful learning”, (Sturomski, July 1997). Students with learning disabilities often find learning a difficult and painful process. The presence of their learning disability can make learning to read, write, and do math especially challenging (Sturomski, July 1997). Teachers are the common denominator for teaching students with learning disabilities strategies and techniques for learning. Teacher can present the students with a specific strategy and teach how and when to use the strategy. The student can then see what occurs when the strategy is used. “Teachers can provide opportunities for students to discuss, reflect upon, and practice the strategies with classroom materials and authentic tasks”, (Sturomski, July 1997). Then the student can get feedback to gage, refine, and monitor the strategy usage. The teacher will slowly decrease the guiding and reminding of the steps of the strategy and thereby creating and independent student equip with strategic methods.

Cognitive strategies help students when they are performing or learning a specific task. These strategies allow students to work and process information. Examples of these strategies include filling in a chart, note taking and question asking. Metacognitive strategies are self-regulating strategies. These strategies are based on...
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