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Technology Makes Life Simpler
Technology today is everywhere. It is a need for our lives today. Anyone who is not updated in technology, are left behind. Though it is possible to do things without technology, it is hard or it takes a lot of time to do simple stuff, like making a Powerpoint presentation or milking a cow. Entertainment really makes technology evolve. It makes life simpler.

Computer is one of the common types of technology that makes our lives simpler. You can make Powerpoint presentation for student’s project presentation or office work. Spreadsheet makes your work easier and more professional. Computer can also makes files and folder for you instead of having a lot of cabinets and papers and you can just search your files immediately than searching in the cabinet one by one. There are other things that you can do like surfing the web. The internet is one of the most use things in the world. There are many things you can do in the internet, like you can watch a video on how to create a pizza or where is the best place to have a dinner with your date. It can also let you see what time is the movie showing, so it can save you time. You can order food online and the menu is there for you instead of using the phone and asking what is in the menu.

Radio and TV are another technology that makes life simpler. You just need to turn it on and listen to the news, entertainment or music. These technologies are the first one that got created before the computer came in this world. The people were really depended to it when it was released. Radio came first before the tv, but they both have the same purpose, to entertain people. The news comes to people faster when these technologies came out. The election during 1960 makes the tv so popular. Radio became popular because it’s the first technology to entertain you by just even staying home. Today, radio is now dying because television and computer is more entertaining. Although television is also dying...
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