Technology and People

Topics: Technology, Computer, Innovation Pages: 4 (1129 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Advances
by Lynda Moultry Belcher, Demand Media

There are drawbacks to the many advances made in the field of technology. Related Articles
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In today's world, where just about everything is more convenient and accessible due to advances in technology across almost all sectors, it may seem as though it's a misnomer to even mention any disadvantages of technological advances. However, despite how far technology has taken humans and no matter how convenient it may make things, there are some disadvantages accompanying this level of access. Sponsored Link

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Advantage: Great Discoveries In All Industries
Technology advances show people a more efficient way to do things, and these processes get results. For example, education has been greatly advanced by the technological advances of computers. Students are able to learn on a global scale without ever leaving their classrooms. Agricultural processes that once required dozens upon dozens of human workers can now be automated, thanks to advances in technology, which means cost-efficiency for farmers. Medical discoveries occur at a much more rapid rate, thanks to machines and computers that aid in the research process and allow for more intense educational research into medical matters. Disadvantage: Dependency

The more advanced society becomes technologically, the more people begin to depend on computers and other forms of technology for everyday existence. This means that...
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