Teen Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Teenage pregnancy, Adolescence Pages: 5 (1883 words) Published: January 7, 2014
Amy Hinson
Honors English III
Ms. Roe
Problems with Teenage Marriage
In years past teenage marriage was very common and most people expected it. In the 1950’s the average married couples were teenagers. Today one has marked a teenager as an extension of childhood, whereas teenagers used to be known as a precursor to adulthood. Times have changed and so have the rates of teen marriages. The difficulties with teen marriage are numerous and many problems come into place. Problems with education, employment, housing, immaturity, possibility of divorce, possibility of family, and an increase in stress all become factors of teenage marriage. Marriage requires planning and thinking about what is best for one’s future, and why there are some teenage marriages that work, there are many that have been proven to be unsuccessful due to various factors. The definition of marriage, according to the Webster dictionary is a ceremony which on enters by a man and woman to live together as husband and wife (“Hacker”). Marriage comes from the Latin word meaning “masculine.” The earliest use of the word marriage that is recorded dates back to the thirteenth century. The typical married couple spends around four minutes alone together due to school, work, jobs, television, and kids. One of the biggest stressors for married couples today is the economy. Marrying earlier than twenty five dramatically increases the possibility of divorce for a couple. Couples that are educated tend to marry later on in life. The likelihood of one’s marriage lasting more than five years is eighty percent, and after ten years one’s chances are at seventy seven percent. Requirements of marriage vary from state to state although one will see various similarities throughout. Mississippi is the only state that one has to be at the age of twenty-one to get married; in all other states one has to be at the minimum of eighteen years of age without parental and, sometimes, even court consent to be legally married. The District of Columbia, Michigan, Mississippi, and Montana all require a blood test for legal marriage (“Marriage License Laws”). Indiana and Wisconsin are the only states that require one to be a resident of the state to be married there. In all states one must have some type of photo identification to get married. The cost varies depending on the state one is located in. The price could be as low a ten dollars in Colorado, to as high as ninety-three dollars and up in Tennessee. If one has been married before, one must have a certified copy of divorce decree in each state. Two or three generations ago it was expected for teenagers to get married. They were expected to be able to take on bigger responsibilities at a younger age, whereas today things have changed and teenagers have become more reliable on others and lack a sense of responsibility. Times have changed and so have the outlooks on teenage marriage. Teenage marriage is not widely accepted and is looked down upon by society. When one decides to get married at an early age most of the time one does not think of all the responsibilities that follow it. Teenage marriage leads to a lot of problems and cause stress on one’s relationship. Money is something one needs to live one’s life. It is very uncommon for a teenager to find a well-paying job. Most employers look down on teenagers and find them to be unreliable. The average a teenager makes an hour is minimum wage. It is even harder for one to get a job being in school and not being able to work a lot of hours with a low amount of income. If one cannot find or keep one’s job he or she will not have the access to money for the day to day necessities of a married couple such as food, a house, a car. While being married in high school leaves one with a cluster of responsibility, being able to support one’s self is a huge ordeal. When worries about money to fulfill other obligations, education becomes less of a priority....
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