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Topics: Chemistry, Atom, High school Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: July 7, 2013
Vergara, Riezl Anne Q.
BS – IT 201
Basic Inorganic Chemistry
Term Paper

Most of the high school students experienced the Junior and Senior Promenade. In my 3rd year and 4th year high school JS Prom, I can say that it was really fun and tremendous. Even though the space of the venue is not enough for the number of BED Students, it turned out successfully. We are like the properties of Solid. We are the particles locked into places, there’s only little free space between particles and lastly, particles cannot move past one another. Next is the boy-girl dance. The boy-girl dance is like different protons and electrons, different charges attract each other.

My favorite part of my high school days is the Intramurals. Since 1st year, I’m always joining the sport, Volleyball. There is a time that we need to form a team with different year levels. I can relate it to chemical bonding because even though we are different in year levels, we still formed an excellent Volleyball Team. I compare my teammates as an element. Each of us contributed for the team. Every element has its own characteristics and uses. Our team was declared as the CHAMPION.

The last is the Recognition Day. There are four (4) sections when I was 1st year high school. I belong to the lowest section (that’s what the teachers are saying). We are different in attitudes, likes and dislikes. Even though our teachers are always scolding us because we are too noisy and our classroom is too messy, our section stays as one and strong. There are elements that if you combined them will make a new and different product, that’s my classmates I’m talking about. Even though the image of my section is not good for the eyes of our teachers, we still proved that we can compete with the other sections. Five (5) out of the Top 10 Overall 1st year students came from our section.
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