Terrible Trnasformation

Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Indentured servant Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: December 7, 2012
The Terrible Transformation
The early 1600s economy strived due to the enslavements of blacks. The British colonies in North America needed a permanent workforce as the indentured servants that were brought over only worked for seven years as payment for transport to the New World then freed. This is why the period from 1470 to the 1833 is considered to be the most devastating time throughout history as that’s when slavery began. The whites thought that indenture servitude although good was not creating enough capital for them so Africans were chosen to be slaves to cultivate the then high producing tobacco. In watching the 1PBS documentary I learnt not only what was taught to me in school growing up but a more in-depth version of the horror that happened.

I learnt about slavery like how most children did, a PG-13 version taught by teachers who were taught the same thing. How can such a horrid past be taught with that aspect generation to generation with no respect to the truth of what truly happened. I was taught that slavery was an idea that sprouted when Christopher Columbus first discovered the Caribbean and the Indians. He realized that gold could be mined here and overpowered the Indians. After they started to diminish they turned to Africa where they started to capture and kidnap young teens. They were brought over to the New World where they were whipped, tortured, and branded as animals and put to work. The Middle Passage is the trip from Africa to the Caribbean where hundreds of slaves were packed like tuna. It is deemed as the worse part of the Triangle Trade and was formed when the America’s were found. Slaves would be delivered from Europe to the Caribbean, sugar and other raw materials left the Caribbean to America, America manufactured the raw materials, and Britain would receive the finished good. Then since the manufacturing business wasn’t making enough capital for the whites they moved on to producing crops like rice then tobacco, which was...
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