Test Review: Wjiii

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Test Review:
Woodcock-Johnson III Battery

This assignment will focus on the Woodcock-Johnson III Battery (WJIII). There will be a review of the general features of the assessment, which will include information about what the purpose of the assessment is and about the authors, and demographic information about the intended test takers, will be reviewed as well. A description of the test will be provided in the review along with discussions of the psychometric properties and items on the WJIII. The review of the assessment items will include the general overview of the behaviors of the WJIII. Additionally, any issues or ethical concerns surrounding the make- up and administration of the test will be evaluated. Lastly, a summary section will be provided to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the WJIII.

Test Review: Woodcock-Johnson III Battery
The authors of the Woodcock-Johnson III battery, created the assessment to determine an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, the nature of any impairments, and to aid in diagnosis (Child-trends, 2004). However, it has also been used to make decisions concerning educational achievement and scholastic aptitude for school aged individuals (Riverside publishing, 2012). It is a full battery assessment, which consists of two separate tests; the test of cognitive abilities and the test of achievement (Riverside, 2012). The Test of cognitive abilities measures both general and specific cognitive functions, and the test of achievement is used to determine and describe one’s academic strengths and weaknesses (Child-trends, 2004). There are extended versions of each test (Child-trends, 2004). The authors of the WJIII are Richard Woodcock, Kevin McGrew, Nancy Mather, and Fredrick Schrank. The test is published by Riverside Publishing Company (Riverside publishing, 2012). It is designed to measures general and specific cognitive abilities, scholastic aptitude,...

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