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Alex Mapp
Mrs. Dolata
Honors English 9
15 April 2013
Redlining is a type of discrimination against a group of people in a certain area. The discrimination includes, “a practice by which banks, insurance companies, etc., refuse or limit loans, mortgages, insurance, etc., within specific geographic areas, especially inner-city neighborhoods”(1). It was started in 1934 when President Roosevelt was trying to strengthen the economy by changing how mortgage worked. His goal was to make the United States a country full of house owners, and do away with renters. As a result, it really hurt home renters and districts that were hit by redlining.

The term redlining was created when mortgage lender would circle an area on a map with a red line. After being circled on a map, “These redlined areas were then designated as off limits for receiving home mortgage or improvement loans” (Collins 1). After being redlined, “The result is decay and deterioration in those areas” (Collins 1). So, redlining really hurt the value of the area and the people that were apart of the area affected.

Inner city neighborhoods were the main areas affected. The federal government took advantage of them because of their social status and race, therefore causing major problems for those neighborhoods. The problems included no economic help or loans, leaving the area to become basically worthless and the citizens of the neighborhood homeless, as they could not afford anywhere to live. Redlining was an awful act of discrimination that caused problems for the people it affected, leaving them with no way to avoid the problem.
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