The Ability to Maintain a Healthy Marriage

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“And then it occurred to me: What I was staring at was the dark heart of the divide between men and women” (Bartels192). Since the beginning, men and women have been proclaimed as two totally different people because of how they approach certain situations and because their thinking processes are hardly alike. As a result, conflict usually occurs between men and women, especially those who are married. In their articles, “The Myth of Co-Parenting” and “My Problem with Her Anger”, Hope Edelman and Eric Bartels discuss thoroughly on how a married couples are able to easily have conflict. Edelman explains from a woman’s point of view the anger that she feels because to her, it seems like she doesn’t even have husband since he is never around to help out. Bartels, on the other hand, explains his side from a man’s point of view and talks about how his wife is always so angry and is not able to talk about their problems because she cannot be logical or do it without becoming angry. When it comes to the aspects of co-parenting, being motivated by desire and/or fear, and lacking communication, a couple can begin to experience issues within their marriage.

Co-parenting can be defined as the act of a married couple working together to raise a family and keep a stable household. Within some marriages, however, co-parenting does not always exist. Author of “The Myth of Co-Parenting”, Hope Edelman struggles to raise her child without hardly any help of her husband. According to Edelman, having a husband who works ninety-two hours a week and who is never around, is not exactly what she had in mind when she dreamed up her ‘perfect’ marriage. She constantly remains upset and angered at the fact that her husband is never around because she makes the accusation that it is his fault that they are not okay. She realizes that they are both equally at fault, and that the longer she is mad, the longer he wants to stay away. This is different from Bartels because she remains angry as...
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