The Abolition of Slavery

Topics: Atlantic slave trade, Slavery, British Empire Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: January 31, 2014
The Abolition of Slavery
The Slave Trade in America was huge part of the economic relations with Britain known as the Triangular Trade. The British ships sailed south towards Africa where they traded African men, woman, and children in exchange for various items like liquor and cotton cloths. Then, the Africans were shipped west in large slave ships, which is known as the Middle Passage. Robert Walsh, a British abolitionist, described the conditions of the slave ships ‘the slaves were enclosed in hatch ways where the space was so low that they were packed between each others legs and there was no possibility of lying down or at all changing their position.’ When they reached America the African men, woman, and children were sold at southern ports. There was not a single black American that came to America outside the slave trade. In the American plantations there were up to a million African slaves working in America. Thus slavery becomes a large part of the agricultural unit with hundreds of slaves tending to the cotton fields. The conditions on the southern plantations for slaves were horrible because the ‘African men, woman, and children were suffocated into one grass hut with no bedsteads or furniture of any kind.’ The slave owners rather than giving enough food, clothing, and shelter treated the Africans as animals. This resulted in revolts across the country because of the harsh treatment of the slaves by the slave owners in the plantations. In the late 1830’s, there were about two thousand groups and activists who were speaking out against slavery. They wanted immediate emancipation from slavery because they wanted Africans to be recognized as part of the American society. In the 1840’s many slaves were escaping from their slave owners and seeking freedom in the north. A support system was built for them to escape to Canada this was known as the Underground Railroad. Although, Britain helped the American to bring slaves to America by using their ships...
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