The Age of Educational Romanticism

Topics: Education, Right-wing politics, Left-wing politics Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Kevin Howell
D. Williamson
English 1113
Aug. 31, 2012

“The Age of Educational Romanticism”

In Charles Murray’s article, he has taken a searing stance against the “No Child Left Behind Law”. He sees the Left wing stance as focusing on race, class, and gender. While the Right see public education as an ineffectual monopoly. He sees the goal of the law as being too optimistic and devoid of any contact with reality. He thinks putting all children in the same category, as far as learning abilities, is outlandish at best.

Murray’s article is, in my opinion, a good article in the sense that his points are accurate and concise. Not to mention, it is common sense that all children cannot be expected to learn at the same pace or level. He clearly states “…educational romanticism is in fact out of touch with reality”. I believe this to be true as well. He brings up the fact that children with dyslexia can be taught strategies for coping, but reading never becomes easy. It seems to me that throughout this article, all of the arguments he makes, can be backed up with old-fashioned common sense. All people as individuals should not be expected to learn through “cattle mentality”. Meaning, we don’t all think at the same pace, eat at the same pace, nor walk at the same pace. So, how on earth should we be expected to learn at the same pace? This is just more proof, in my opinion, that common sense is now only used by uncommon people.
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