The Catholic Religion and Love and Marriage

Topics: Catholic Church, Marriage, Sacraments of the Catholic Church Pages: 3 (1125 words) Published: November 1, 2013

A Catholic must marry in a church building.
A Catholic must marry in a church building, unless otherwise, given permission from a priest. A church is a sacred space where the community gathers for Eucharist and to worship God. Here, the sacrament of initiation welcomes new members into the catholic community. Marriage is a sacrament that is traditionally celebrated and recognized as a Catholic practice. If a catholic wishes to marry in an Anglican church he or she must receive permission from a priest for the celebration to be recognized by the Catholic Church; however, the couple must raise the children of the marriage as Catholics. In my opinion, marriage should not be restricted to be celebrated in the Catholic Church. The church is a place for worship, Eucharist, and in the case of a funeral, mourning. God has created a vast, beautiful land for mankind; the sacrament of marriage should be celebrated amongst this gift from God and recognized as the birth ground for a long, happy marriage. A Catholic must marry in the presence of a priest or deacon. A catholic must marry in the presence of a priest or deacon for the celebration to be recognized as a catholic celebration. Personally, I agree that a priest or deacon should be present when Catholics marry. Marriage is a Catholic occasion that should be celebrated traditionally. The meaning of marriage is to enter a new chapter in a couple’s life when they progress through in the eyes of the church therefore, a priest or deacon essential for a couple to marry officially. Marriage has always been one of the seven sacraments.

Marriage has always been one of the seven sacraments.
In my opinion, marriage being one of the seven sacraments benefits society spiritually. Marriage is commonly mistaken for a compulsory ceremony that everyone partakes in, despite their religion. However, marriage is primarily a Catholic tradition and the Sacrament of Marriage (a Catholic title) reminds society that marriage...

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