The Circle of Life: Everything Must Go Somewhere

Topics: Human, Plant, Human anatomy Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Everything is Connected to Everything Else
Another way to say it is "The Circle of Life" Everything depends on everything else. Plant depend on what animals exhale and in return the produce air. Small animals eat bigger and the bigger get eaten by yet even bigger. But Some of the Very smallest insects such as ticks and such live on some of the biggest animals. At times if you remove 1 of the things in the Circle it can have a huge effect on the other things or something little or no effect. In the human body, that is healthy, from the tiniest cell to the largest organ, everything is interconnected and has a specific function. Everything has a place and a job to do and once something goes wrong, that is we get sick or injured, the effects are felt in more than one way.

The Earth is not dissimilar to the human body. It is like a super organism where we humans, along with plants, bacteria etc are like the cells and tissues that sustain it. Yes, we have the capacity to keep the body (Earth) healthy because we are all connected. Everything Must Go Somewhere

The term "everything must go somewhere" refers to the amounts of trash and waste that have to go somewhere but once they are out of our thoughts, we forget about them. In many cases, this trash ends up in the ocean, in water that may be the drinking water of someone else later on down the the river's ends up in giant trash heaps that no one knows what to do with. The unsaid part of the saying "everything must go somewhere" is "and we are responsible for where it goes."
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