The Controversy of Medication

Topics: Educational psychology, Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Learning disability Pages: 3 (1231 words) Published: March 4, 2012
The Controversy of Medication

So many parents that live in the United States are informed every single day that their children are indentified in having EBD and ADHD. There are many controversial topics on the subject of ADHD and EBD that include teachers, parents, educational psychologist, administrators and doctors that this is taking into consideration whether or not these children with learning disabilities should be given medication or do these individuals have the right to demand that the child take these medications? The only people that need to have the control are the child’s doctor and parents. The job of the teacher is to support and accommodate the children with the best learning experience possible whether or not the children have mental and physical restraint. Many of the parents are still questioning if medication is the right path to choose for their children’s disability and will the medicine perform in every aspect where learning disabilities is a problem. These two disorders and the option to medicate are important to the educators because these people have a intellectual effect on how the children are taught and the environment that connects within the classroom. ADHD and EBD are a huge problem in a way that is struggling for them to pay attention in class and other materials that they learn. These disorders are described as learning disorders and need to be confronted and fixed so that these children can gain the best benefits in knowledge for their education. There are two ways that these learning disorders can be treated with therapy and correcting the medication. Everything in life has benefits but it also has its weaknesses. It seems that medication is a simple answer to treat ADHD and EBD. Today in our society, it has acquired a belief in using chemicals to fix everyone’s problems not taking into account of the side effects it causes. Taking medicine as a method for correcting the problems will let the children fell more at ease with...
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