The Cross-Culture Management Strategy About Sino-Foreign

Topics: Culture, Management, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 11 (3034 words) Published: January 13, 2013

The Cross-Culture Management Strategy About Sino-Foreign
Contractual Joint Venture
YANG Xichun1, LI Chunmei2
1. School of Management, Southwest University for Nationalities, China, 610041 2. School of Politics, Southwest Jiaotong University, China, 610031
Abstract: With the development of economic globalization, the scale of foreign direct investment is expanding. Sino-foreign contractual joint venture becomes the main form of investment. It has been found that the key factors about success or failure of the Sino-foreign contractual joint not funds, technology and strategy of the enterprise, but cross-cultural management ability and level. This paper would like to study the problem of the cross-culture management and the Causes of problems. and then I’ll gave the strategy about how to construct the cross-culture management . Keywords: Sino-foreign contractual joint venture, cross-culture management, Cross-cultural conflict

1 Introduction
With the development of economic globalization and China’s access to WTO, multinational companies in order to achieve the optimal allocation of global resources, they’d like to direct investment in China. Joint ventures in China spring up flourishing. At the same time, More and more Chinese enterprises abroad to the world marketing to seek greater development opportunities. The research shows that approximately 35%- 45% of the international joint venture in failure, the main reason is that the enterprise management ignores the impact of cultural difference. Therefore, how to effectively conduct cross-culture management has become a Sino-foreign contractual joint enterprise to face an important topic.

Cross-cultural management refers to the different cultural group of related companies in the interaction process contradictions and conflicts, each function in enterprise management, join in aspects of cultural integration and corresponding measures can effectively solve the contradictions and conflicts, thus effectively realize enterprise management. In short, cross-culture management refers to manage the people thing and business of different cultural background.

Cross-cultural management is the late 1970s in American formed and developed an interdisciplinary emerging discipline. At present, the research on cross-cultural management in focus on three aspects: Firstly, A cross-cultural dimensions analysis model, the most famous is the cultural analysis dimension model of Hostage’s .Secondly, Cross-cultural management comparative study, especially cross-cultural comparative study of the American or Japan’s enterprise. Finally, cross-cultural enterprise internal management research mainly embodies in cross-cultural enterprise management mode and management philosophy and management procedures, functional management and management activities, performance management, success factors and enterprise culture construction, etc. Therefore, few literatures study from the perspective of Sino-foreign joint venture of cross-cultural management. It leads the theoretical analysis can’t guide the reality. Because no ready-made mode, can not successful experience for reference, can also have no systematic theory can guide, Sino-foreign joint venture have experienced a multicultural brings pain. So this paper study from the aspect of enterprises management, Sino-foreign joint venture enterprises in cross-cultural management, analyzes its problems, and puts forward the basic operation of cross-cultural management ideas and specific practical measures, hoping to Sino-foreign joint venture enterprise of cross-cultural management practice.

2 Sino-Foreign Joint Venture of Cross-Cultural Management Problem Analysis In China, the number of the Sino-foreign joint venture is most in joint venture. Therefore, cross-cultural



conflict is the most outstanding problems of Sino-foreign joint venture enterprises. Specifically, is...

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