The Disadvantages of Watching TV

Topics: Television, Marriage, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: November 19, 2013
The Detrimental Consequences of Watching Television

Tokening as one of the most illustrious entertaining shows for people, television it is a technical scheme system for retrieving virtual frames occupying with sound and manifesting them on the electrical screen. Practically, TV symbolizes as a great companionship for people, since it serves them such as: tidings, merriment, ken and so on; concurrently, TV also provides them many disadvantages. First of all, it is able to make people’s eyes become weaker and weaker, because TV telecasts brightness and contrast that could react against people’s eyes, by doing so, if they are all eyes on TV too close to the screen, they might face with sore eyes. Focus on second disadvantage, ferocious on TV has detrimental effects on children. Researchers investigated in some far-off hamlets of some countries that did not have TV. As they demarcated the rates of physical aggression among the children, it demonstrated that there was too far different between before and after the existence of TV. Evidently, the onslaughts of boys increased right away when TV was posed into their communities, simultaneously, the homicide rates were also subjectively increased. The third one is likely to vex people that TV is playing a vital role as bad master when it appears to moralize and nurture the children. Agreeing to the nationwide survey, children debated that TV encouraged them to experience sex and disregard their parents. Via consideration, pornography on TV influences youngsters in their age group to have sexual seduction when they are immature. About next one is that when people watch TV more than four hours a day, they may become lackadaisical and unhealthy because as they watch TV, they keep themselves from being active; they are merely lie down or slumber. In practice, it deeds as an impediment that could make people neglect their study or tasks. Last but not least, TV could assemble the family always sit like robots in front of...
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