The Effect of Early Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Childhood, Human sexuality Pages: 2 (436 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Early marriage
Early marriage can lead to some negative effects. Firstly, it restricts the freedom of individual. When people get married, they have to spend most of their time on taking care of their own family, therefore, all their hobbies have to be changed. Besides, they have to cope up with other problems such as buying a house, furniture and making money to support themselves as well as their chilren. As a result, they have no time to enjoy the pleasure of teenage life. Secondly, getting married early distracts people from studying. Once they spend time on their daily lives, they don't have time to cover their studies.Without studying, rarely do they make progress in their career. Thus, it makes people difficult in bringing up their children well. Finally, people who marry early are more likely to get divorced. Some people get married even though they know little about each other. Therefore, quarrels and misunderstanding are inevitable. Comsequently, they divorce in a very short time. To sum up, because of negative effect on young people's development as well as marriage itself, people should not get married early.

Early marriage can cause severe problems like the following: * Psychological and emotional stress like forced sexual relations, denial of freedom and personal development as household chores now become a priority. * Denial of personal development and education.

* Maturity levels become an issue as the little girl is now expected to play the role of a mother. * Girl children undergo severe health problems like pregnancy and childbirth. * Girl brides are also involved in early childhood care.

* Threat to contracting sexually transmitted diseases increases when girl children are exposed to such an environment. * As girl children are still vulnerable and submissive, they can be subject to the atrocities of domestic violence and abandonment. * Mental and emotional stress in girl brides is high because they are not old...
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