The Importance of Chemistry

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important of chemistry in our future career a
important of chemistry in our environment

chemistry is used in many ways in computers also.for example.,we use many elements like silicon,zinc,aluminium,copper etc.,. in designing and in developing the hardware of computer.

Computer Engineering 

In the last 30 years, information technology, wireless communications, and advanced computer, internet, and software-related innovations have transformed the way we live and how we connect with one another. Computer engineering is one of the nation's fastest growing occupations and is projected to remain so over the next ten  years. Computer engineers apply the principles and techniques of  electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematical analysis to  the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and  hardware systems that enable computers to perform increasingly  demanding functions. In the workplace, computer engineers span a wide  range of skills; for instance, they design robots, develop  microprocessors, design supercomputers and MP3 players, create integrated circuits for semiconductor fabrication, program computer-vision  capabilities, create security/cryptographic systems, and develop  software systems and network protocols.

"Chemistry is all around us" which almost answered your question. But, I like to give a little briefing on this. 

Problems that might affect our food, water, health, environment can be solved to a great extent by knowing more about chemical reactions and chemicals which does affect our environment and on how chemicals can be used in a proper way for our betterment. That's what you study mostly in environmental chemistry classes. 

You, probably know that carbon dioxide is one of the green houses gases which is causing global warming, by knowing chemistry of these gases you can bring out solutions that can reduce the effect of green house gases on our environment. So, chemistry easily help us in solving...
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