The Importance of French Cuisine

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Cuisines of the world---French cuisine (The importance of the French cuisine for tourism industry) The tourists want to try the local French cuisine
France is an extremely popular tourist destination. Except the scenery can attract the tourists, their regional cuisine is also a main attraction. The food in France is considered to be the most glorious food in the world. Although many countries have the French restaurants, people do not know whether it is a local French restaurant or not. Therefore, during the travelling in France, the tourists must try to taste the local cuisines that they have heard for many times. Like baked snails (Escargots de bourgogne), Foie Gras (pan-fried livers of the goose), different types of wine and macaron and so on. The French cuisine in France will be fresher and more typical so the tourists would prefer to spend money on it. As a result, it shows the importance of the French cuisine for tourism industry.

Culinary Tourism
Culinary tourism includes food and wine events, and foodie competitions. They give travelers a chance to try new foods, become more familiar with ethnic cuisines and learn more about the local meal customs. This kind of tour is very popular in France nowadays because there are many cooking schools there. A lot of tourists who are French food lovers would like to join this type of tour. They may consider cooking classes in Paris or attending a French cooking school. They have a chance to explore the local area and learn about the cooking techniques and food history.

According to the International Culinary Tourism Association, culinary tourism is growing exponentially every year. With the steady increase in interest of food channels, travel shows featuring local cuisine, more consumers are traveling to France just to enjoy a new food and wine experience. Therefore, French cuisine is a main role of the culinary tourism and also the tourism industry.

In conclusion, the key ingredients of French cuisine are...
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