The Influence of Movies and Tv Series on Cultural Stereotypes

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题 目: 影视作品对文化定型的影响

学院(系): 外语系
专业年级: 英语083
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指导教师: 张梅英
完成日期: 2012年6月

The influence of movies and TV series on cultural stereotypes Contents
Chapter I. Introduction1
Chapter II. An Overview of Cultural Stereotype1
2.1 Definitions of Cultural Stereotype1
2.2Classification of Cultural Stereotype2
2.3Characteristics of Cultural Stereotype2
2.3.1 inevitability and University of Cultural Stereotype2 2.3.2 Stability of Cultural Stereotype3
2.3.3 Changeability of Cultural stereotype4
2.4Effects of Cultural stereotype in Intercultural Communication4 2.4.1 Negative impacts of Cultural stereotype5
2.4.2 Positive impacts of Cultural stereotype6
2.5Formation of Cultural Stereotype6
Chapter III. Mass media, especially movies and TV series, and cultural stereotypes7 3.1 Mass media‘s impact on cultural stereotype will promote China’s rise in the world8 3.2 Cultural stereotypes in movies and TV series showing cultural conflicts9 3.2.1 The Movie 《The Gua Sha》9

3.2.2 cultural stereotypes showed in the movie 《The Gua Sha》9 3.3 Movies and TV series in forming cultural stereotypes about China and Chinese people10 3.3.1 Cultural stereotype about China and Chinese people in Movies and TV series11 3.3.2 Zhang Yimou’s movies on forming cultural stereotype about China and Chinese people12 Chapter IV. Conclusion13



在跨文化交际中,文化定型是不可避免的,是普遍存在的。只有对定型对象的文化有真实、直观的接触和感受,才能建立客观和正确的文化定型。然而让每一个人都出国亲身感受外国文化是不现实的。 影视作品作为一种无可比拟的文化载体,在各国发展迅速,它可使某一文化得到充分、多方面的展示,使这一社会的文化生活、价值观念和道德标准得到全面的反映。如今影视作品已深入人们生活的各个方面。这些影视作品极大地影响着文化定型,对于打破旧的文化定型和建立新的文化定型有着及其重大的意义。在研究了影视作品对于文化定性的巨大作用后,可以利用其促进形成积极的文化定型。这对于改变西方世界对中国建立起的错误的文化定型,促进中国形象转变有着不可替代的作用。

文化定型; 影视作品; 跨文化交际


“Cultural stereotypes” are deprived from cognitive generalization of other cultures. As inevitable cognitive ways, they are ubiquitous in cross-cultural communication. They directly affect communicational results and quality. But the objective and accurate cultural stereotypes are dependant on real and visualized contact and feel of an area. However, it is impossible for every learner to go abroad and experience foreign cultures in person. Being all-embracing, movies and TV series are indispensible cultural carriers, which are capable of demonstrating the cultures of a nation from many perspectives and different angles. They can comparably reflect a social’s cultural life, values and ethical standards objectively and comprehensively. Nowadays, with the flourishing development of all kinds of movies and TV series all over the world, they have been entirely penetrating in many aspects of people's lives. Therefore, they have great impact on cultural stereotypes, which is undoubtedly advantageous to help the formation of positive cultural stereotypes and the correction of negative cultural stereotypes. In this thesis, by analyzing cultural stereotypes existing in various movies and TV series, the establishment of objective and comprehensive cultural stereotypes is strengthened to promote cross-cultural communication.

Key words(宋体,四号字,加黑): cultural stereotypes; movies and TV series; cross-cultural communication

The influence of movies and TV series on cultural stereotypes

Chapter I. Introduction

Nowadays,intercultural communication among various countries and regions are becoming increasingly frequent. But their distinct social and historical developments give rise to cultural differences in all respects, such as in value orientation, code of conduct,...

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