The Influence of the China Ancient Culture

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Sociology Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: May 12, 2012
China has been well known as "the land of etiquette”, and made people are constantly observing some politeness principles that have established by usage. Confucianism, which has been influencing China for thousands of years, also stresses etiquettes, so Chinese codes of conduct are naturally under the influence of the ancient culture.Despite the different cultures and values, English-spoken countries unexceptionally emphasize etiquettes in interpersonal intercourse. Etiquette is the rules and principles that people shall observe in the social intercourse activities and it is the first step to interpersonal communication. Now we are in a different world from before, which is referred to as a “global village”. The amazingly rapid development of science and technology in the areas of and telecommunication systems has brought about the economic globalization in an unbelievably fast way. Thus the cultural and economic exchanges between nations are enhanced to such a degree that people of different skin colors, different cultural backgrounds, and different languages can easily overcome the limits of time and space and get in touch with each other. One of the effects of the globalization is that people of different cultural backgrounds study in the same university or work in the same company. In such an environment they have to be familiar with the rules or principles of intercultural communication because their boss, their supervisor, their colleagues or their classmates are probably from a different country or of a different culture. Otherwise they may have difficulty in achieving the tasks or encounter communicative failures. So it’s necessary to learn about the differences in social intercourse between different cultures, especially in the jaw crusher and cement mill business between different countries. A society is a social group with a distinctive cultural and economic organization. It is a complex whole that the members have to communicate or interact with...
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