The Intel Essentials Course

Topics: Educational psychology, Education, Assessment Pages: 6 (1059 words) Published: October 24, 2013

Description: The Intel Essentials Course is a worldwide initiative to provide teachers with the skills to effectively integrate technology into existing curriculum to improve student learning.

Course Themes:
• Using technology effectively in the classroom to promote 21st century skills • Identifying ways students and teachers can use technology to enhance learning through research, communication, collaboration, and productivity strategies and tools • Providing hands-on learning and the creation of curricular units and assessments, which address state and national academic and technology standards • Facilitating student-centered classrooms that encourage student selfdirection and higher-order thinking • Collaborating with colleagues to improve instruction by problem solving and participating in peer reviews of units

Course Outcomes:
Unit Portfolio
• Assessments
• Course Resources
• Student Sample
• Unit Plan
• Unit Support

Course Length: 8 Modules; 32 total in-class hours, 12 additional hours outside of class

Module One: Teaching with Projects
In this module, participants explore how technology-supported projects can be used in the classroom, determine the type of planning required, and begin planning their own units. All of the activities in this module build a foundation for remainder of the Intel Teach

Essentials Course.
Activity 1: Getting Started
Activity 2: Examining Good Instructional Design
Activity 3: Looking at Projects
Activity 4: Planning a Publication to Explain Projects
Activity 5: Creating My Publication
Activity 6: Reflecting on My Learning.
Planning Ahead: Beginning the Planning Process
Intel Teach Program
Essentials Course
Copyright 2008, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. 2 of 4

Module Two: Planning My Unit
In this module, participants get to start working on the units they will develop during the course and eventually teach to their students. As they plan their units, they first define what s important for students to learn in the unit and provide structure to guide them with standards, objectives, Curriculum-Framing Questions, and a plan for assessment. Participants will return to this initial work in the modules that follow.

Activity 1: Addressing Standards
Activity 2: Developing Curriculum-Framing Questions to Engage Students Activity 3: Considering Multiple Methods of Assessment
Activity 4: Creating an Assessment to Gauge Student Needs
Activity 5: Creating a Presentation about My Portfolio
Activity 6: Reflecting on My Learning.
Planning Ahead: Broadening My Understanding of Essential Questions

Module Three: Making Connections
This module is about guiding students to use the Internet to its fullest potential in responsible and productive ways. Participants explore interactive Internet-based resources for student collaboration and communication, and discuss how to help students learn safe and responsible Internet use. Participants also look at ways to efficiently locate and evaluate relevant Internet resources for research. After investigating copyright laws and legal use of these resources, they plan how to integrate the use of the Internet into their units.

Activity 1: Presenting My Unit Portfolio
Pedagogical Practices: Meeting Standards in a Student-Centered Classroom Activity 2: Targeting 21st Century Skills
Activity 3: Modeling and Teaching Legal and Ethical Practice Related to Technology

Activity 4: Using the Internet for Research
Activity 5: Communicating with the World through the Internet Activity 6: Considering Web-based Collaborative Learning
Activity 7: Reflecting on My Learning
Planning Ahead: Incorporating the Internet

Intel Teach Program Essentials Course
Copyright 2008, Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. 3 of 4

Module 4: Creating Samples of Learning
In a student-centered classroom, students create products that require the proficient use of 1st century skills and reflect the depth of their...
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