The Key To Effective Intercultural Communication

Topics: Cultural relativism, Culture, Cultural anthropology Pages: 1 (468 words) Published: November 19, 2014
The key to effective intercultural communication is adopting a position of cultural relativism. Cultural relativism is the belief that each culture is of equal value, and none should be superior than the other. Many people in the world are Ethnocentric, this means that they believe that they have a better culture than someone else, due to what they have seen or heard. Technology plays a huge role towards ethnocentric people, as they usually have only seen one side of the culture. Journalists nowadays are now challenged by time restraints, criticism for bias, and technology. This means it does not give them the opportunity to explore cultures and allows journalists to cut corners. When writing from a secondary source, journalists now tend to write from an ethnocentric view as time restraints occur, meaning they don't have the chance to experience and be in a culture. When journalists report about culture, it is crucial for it to be in a balanced way. In order to present other cultural sensitively, it would be obvious to use the arm chair approach as it is the quick and easier way; But as journalists of the future, we must use Malinowski's theory of Participant Observation. This means putting yourself in the correct environment for the experience and to create a greater understanding of sensitive situations. This may be more time consuming, and depending on the circumstances can also create concern in the community; but Participant Observation is the best way to get honest results that won't spark conflict among the society. In order to have a successful report, journalist have to adopt to a position of cultural relativism, as if we don't, we will get many reports regarding bias, discrimination, wrong political views and many more. In Source 2, It is clear that it is written with secondary evidence. For example ''According to Jean Zor, former principle gal office'' This shows that information has just been taken up based on what someone has said. Doing so,...
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