The Life and History of Robert Cormier

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Robert Cormier, Behind the Pages
Throughout history, great people have accomplished greatness. Robert Edmund Cormier is one of those people. For over two decades Cormier has been, and continues to be, one of the most controversial and widely read authors of young adult novels. (Ed. Deborah J) Robert Cormier's novel are well known for the conflicts between light and darkness, and what is right from what is wrong. Robert Cormier was born on January 17, 1925, in the French-Canadian part of the town of Leominster, Massachusetts. His father, Lucien Joseph Cormier, was a factory worker, and his mother, Irma Margaret Collins Cormier, stayed at home to take care of the children. Cormier grew up attending a Catholic School, living near plastic factories and with his extended family nearby. His surroundings as a child helped with the development of the characters in his novels and the settings of his stories. As a child Cormier went to a Catholic School, and when he graduated he attended Fitchburg State College in 1943. While he was there, an art teacher became interested in Cormier's work and published it in a local French magazine. (Ed. Deborah J) Shortly after graduating college, he began to make radio advertisements for a local radio station. This gave him the opportunity to expand his horizons. He began to write articles for local newspapers and magazines. He worked as a free-lancer who wrote for different magazines and newspapers until he sent his idea for his first novel to his agent. She loved the story except for its gloomy ending and wanted him to change it; he however, decided to keep the ending. This risky move ended up benefiting him because his novel became an instant success. Most of Cormier's impact comes from the shock factor inherent in the perspectives his characters bring to a given situation. His protagonists are usually teenagers struggling with tough lives. These characters are pitted against the world and have to come up with solutions to their problems. Some of these solutions are helpful, but most have disastrous effects. (Ed. Deborah J) Due to the explicit nature of Robert Cormier's books, his books have been challenged by parents or schools. Most parents find these books disturbing and do not want their children reading his novels. When the "Banned in the U.S.A." article was written, they interviewed Cormier who said, "All I'm doing is warning (young people) that when they get out into the world it's kind of tough out there, and that's something hardly any novels or television shows are doing for kids at the moment". (Ed. Deborah J) He believes that children’s lives are being sheltered and hid from the real world. Cormier writes his books to gradually introduce students to the aspects of what happens in the real world. Robert Cormier has won many awards for his early works in the newspaper and magazine field, and also for his books The Chocolate War and Fade. He presently lives in the same town he lived in as a child, but now he is a grandfather. Robert Cormier is a talented author who started out small and then became famous through hard work and dedication. He is a perfect example of how hard work and dedication can get you far in life. His books give teenagers the ability to connect with the characters as well as, help them though their problems. He uses themes of struggle and despair to show people the real problems in life. Cormier is a well-known author and deserves all the credit that is given to him. He is one of those people who only come around once in a life time. The Positive and Negative of Robert Cormier’s Tenderness

Throughout life, everyone searches for something. Some people search for treasure and others search for happiness. However, there are people that search for tenderness in their lives; they want someone to be gentle with them and to show them love. A great example of this search for tenderness is found in the novel Tenderness, by Robert...
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