The Marine Mystery

Topics: Mary Celeste, Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes Pages: 2 (408 words) Published: April 1, 2013
A Marine Mystery

December 13th 1872, a ship was spotted by the Dei Gratia called “Mary Celeste”. The boat which had departed from New York on 5 November loaded with 1,709 barrels of grain alcohol was found with no men inside. Mary Celeste was an American brigantine merchant ship whose Captain was Benjamin Briggs who seemed to be vanished to no-where along with his crew. The boat seemed to have been on sea for a month and had food worth 6 months. Although the ship was abandoned by the crew and the passengers, all the personal belongings were left tidily. The boat called 'Mary Celeste' was a Canadian built 100 foot brigantine of 282 tons registered in New York. There were three owners of the ship and one of them was Benjamin Spooner Briggs. The fact that the main owner was James Henry Winchester showed that Briggs wasn’t a Captain who would abandon the ship just to save himself. Captain Briggs, his wife, his two year old daughter and the crew of 7 men disappeared and were never found, was when the mystery began. The boat was found by Captain Morehouse a person who knew Benjamin Briggs personally. Captain Morehouse wondered why Mary Celeste hadn’t reached Italy by the time he found the ship. Many concluded that Mary Celeste was drifting away after there was no one in the deck. When Oliver Deveau, chief mate of the Dei Gratia investigated the ship, he said “the whole ship was a thoroughly wet mess" meaning that there was half feet (1.1 m) of water in the hold in the deck. In the deck, the ship’s papers went missing but not the captain’s logbook, the cupus and the clock were either broken or not functional and etc. If it weren’t Dr Arthur Conan Doyle (the creator of Sherlock Holms) writing a book about “Mary Celeste”, then this story wouldn’t be a famous mystery in the world. The story spread very fast among many people and became the subject of the conversations, just like many other tales. Everyone was wondering what happened to the Captain and his crew and...
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