The Melting Pot: Interracial Marriages

Topics: Interracial marriage, Miscegenation, Marriage Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: August 30, 2005
Interracial Marriages 2

The Melting Pot: Interracial Marriages
To be or not to be? Once again this is the question. In the past, social scientist and society in general, categorized people involved in interracial romances as disturbed, or they labeled these relationships as acts of rebellion, or attempts to move up on the social ladder (Majete 2000, 1). Today this no longer seems to be the case. However, this can still be quite controversial. Part of the reason for this controversy begins with the fact that there were laws barring intermarriage between persons of color and whites in forty of our fifty states until 1967, when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that these laws were unconstitutional. Once this law was lifted the number on interracial marriages continually began to increase. After the desegregation in the 1970's colored and whites were able to attend school, work, and general activities together. This allowed everyone to get to know each other and eventually to begin to marry. Interracial marriages accounted for only thirty- three percent of all marriages in 1980 according to the 1980 census. Despite the small amount this was an increase from 1970 when it was only nine percent. However it is seemed to be believed that the actual percentage is much greater because many couples either find the census difficult to use or refuse to report this on such forms. Social scientist have come up with their own conclusion on why races mix and marry. They say blacks want to get even with the dominant culture and whites want to atone for past racism. They have even went as far as to say these couples were pathological. Interracial Marriages 3

According to a research done by an instructor in the department of sociology and anthropology at Baruch College of the City University of New York, found that out of the over two hundred surveyed, almost three-quarter of the black families do not have a problem with their children...

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