The Mission (Film)

Topics: Society of Jesus, The Mission, Morality Pages: 2 (887 words) Published: August 19, 2013
The movie The Mission portrays how immoral the world was at the of time slavery and the troubles that many Jesuits and others withstood to end the ideas of inferiority and superiority among humans. Father Gabriel is the best example of strong faith in God throughout the movie. He believes that God has a plan and does not resort to violence or any other evils while staring into the pale face of death. His belief that God will prevail in the end spreads through the Guarani Indians, mostly the children and women. This is shown at the end when the women, children, and Father Gabriel meet the opposing Portuguese and Spanish armies with song and prayer, knowing that God will protect them. We must have trust in God that he will not only protect us but fight for us. This is the idea of Miracle Warfare which Father Gabriel exemplifies. The fact that they marched upon the Europeans, who were trying to kill them, represents the peace that the Indians and Father Gabriel showed towards the Europeans. They only matched the European`s violence when it is necessary for the survival of themselves. If the Europeans had not threatened the Indians with slavery and attacked them, they would have been welcomed with peace and hospitality by the Guarani. Despite the fact that the women, children, and Father Gabriel never attacked the Spanish and Portuguese soldiers, they are still mercilessly shot down. This, therefore turns Father Gabriel into a martyr for dying for his beliefs. Cardinal Altamirano presents the average priest of aristocratic Europe. He is corrupted man that ignores what he knows is right to please the wealthier men. When he says, “A surgeon, to save the body, must often hack off a limb”, he means that the actions of ending the missions are necessary for the survival of the Jesuit Order in Portugal and to assure that the European Catholic Church is not fractured. When the Portuguese slave trader says, “thus is the world” to the Cardinal, he means that the world is...
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