The Motivation and Language Learning Strategies Role in English Classroom

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The writer is an English teacher that teaches in a secondary school in Balikpapan. Often the writer feels that her students get the difficulty in studying English. In fact, English is one of the main and obligatory subjects to be studied. Moreover English is as one of the subjects that is examined in the National Final Examination each year. Often the students state their difficulty to the writer in studying English. The writer acknowledges the existence of the obstacle that is experienced by the writer personally as the teacher as well as his students in the teaching learning process of English as well as in achieving studying results that are satisfactory enough for the student. As a national-standard school (SSN) ,where the writer teaches, there is the minimal value of the subject which quite high that must be reached by the students to complete. This makes the writer ties convincing that there are several factors that background the existence of this problem. In this part the writer will discuss the matters that are connected with the beginning of the writing of this thesis proposal. Those will be discussed are the background of the study, problem statement, the purpose of the study, the research hypothesis, the significance of the research, the definition of the keyterms, and the research limitation.

1.1 Background Of The Study
In teaching learning English as a foreign language, not few obstacles that must be dealt with both the teacher and the pupil. In fact English is the subject that must be taught and studied by the students of the secondary school. The complaint that often emerged to the student in studying English is that English is difficult to be understood because it is not their communication language. English often is considered the frightening spectre for secondary school students. Whereas they are obliged to study the English Language, even this subject is one of the main subjects that examined in the Nastonal Exam each year. They are required to follow the exam and really expected to be able to pass in the subject. They believe the difficulties to study English because of not understanding the meanings and the vocabulary. Whereas the complaints that are often emerged to the English teacher that the students are considered not having the motivation in studying English. The motivation is regarded as one of the main factors by the teacher for the students to be able to be successful through English learning. According to the student personally, occasionally the teacher necessarily could become their motivation to begin to push them in studying English. According to Badawwy in online ESLarticle, The students' success in their studies depends upon their motivation. This need or desire to achieve a certain goal can make the difference between success and failure. Motivation can come from two sources from inside and outside the students. Not every one is highly motivated from within, and no one is continuously motivated from within.There is an outside source of motivation. In education, the most obvious kind of outside motivation is the teacher. But definitely, the one that could become the factor in the success of the student in studying something is how the student studies a lesson. How a student applies his learning strategy to achieve the enough satisfiying results in the certain subject. In this case definitely is how the student applies the approriate strategies studying English as the foreign language and the International Language. Because the writer personally is the teacher English...

References: Sugimoto, et al. Exploring the Role of Attitude, Motivation and Gender in EFL learning. Online Journal. Acesses in January, 2011.
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