The Need of Studying Intercultural Relation

Topics: Culture, Communication, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: May 13, 2013
“There is no need to study Intercultural Relations. Discuss” Living in multicultural societies within a global village requires a long-term vision of understanding other culture. Therefore, today’s governments, organisations and companies are dealing more in global methods which can use the distance to make it beneficial to match people’s need. That can be as a result of globalisation which makes the world as a small village. The advanced in technology is one factor, such as the internet, media and the international online trading. However, intercultural communication can be understood as how people, from differing cultural/national backgrounds, communicate and behave, think and act together or in the workplace (David Rumsey, 2007). This essay will take a position that studying intercultural relation is an important asset in order to establish understanding to how people from different cultures behave in different circumstances, which would help to overcome differences or dealing with it. Also, it will discuss the importance of studying intercultural relations and how it may affect the communication between people whom from different cultures.

According to Rogers& Stienfatt(1999), the reasons behind studying intercultural communication for many people is not just to enjoy learning about other cultures, rather, it helps to have a clear vision of what happened around the world. In fact, being in some one’s shoes could help to understand each other. However, some people do not feel that they need to learn about other cultures. This might be as a result of their beliefs, or as they consider their culture as the only culture that might affect their ability of seeing the world. There are important aspects of studying intercultural communication, first is in order to avoid misunderstanding and disagreement which is greatly expected between two whom from different cultures, as well as to make sure that the message is understood correctly (

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