The One and Only

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Philippine Literature

Aeta Riddles


A ningngijjitam


Assini nga pinasco ni Apu

magismagel yu uluna!

Filipino Translation

May korona pero hindi reyna

May kaliskis pero hindi isda.


Isang kuwebang may itak sa loob Nga 

Puno ng buto pero hindi libingan.


A riddle is generally a question devised so as to require clever or unexpected thinking for its answer, sometimes called a "brain teaser." In general conversation, someone typically presents a question to another person who accepts the challenge of guessing the correct response. It was usually done by our natives to lessen their boredom and was passed by words and preserved by oral tradition.

The riddles is from the Aetas of Northern Cagayan province and in the upper half of the Cordillera province known as Kailnga-Apayao .Their riddles usually come in two lines with assonantal rhyme. The first one was written by the Aetas language and followed by an English translation. The answer key follows:

1. Muminuddukam
A ningngijjitam. 

It wears a crown but isn't a queen.
It has scales but isn't a fish. 

2 .Assini nga pinasco ni Apu
Nga magismagel yu ulu na? 

There is a cave with a bolo in it
Full of bones it isn't a grave. 

3. Ajjar tangapakking nga niuk
Awayya ipagalliuk. 

When you cut it
It is mended without a scar.

4. Apel Iggat
Awan na di mamilgat.

The thigh of Iggat where all scrape at.  

5. Bulinawan ka Gannad
Lipuliput amlad.

Black stone at Gannad,
surrounded by little fishes.  

6. Ino sinolay, ammena manaw nu ammena, appan ino balay na. 

   This creature never leaves unless he brings his home.
7. Nu ibbafaw ay sinalacassag; nu arrollam ay malilimac. 

   It is noisy when shallow, and silent when deep.
8. Nu boliarancu ay mabbebed. 

    If I open it, it gossips.

9. Yo anac y gafu na accapatay na nanac. 

    The child is the cause of his mother's death....
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