The Power for Successful Business: Intercultural Communication and Competence

Topics: Culture, Cross-cultural communication, Cultural anthropology Pages: 6 (1644 words) Published: March 24, 2011
I. Table of Contents

1.Introduction 3

2.Recognition of the intercultural communication
2.1 Recognition and equality 3 2.2 corporate culture 4

3.importance of the intercultural competence

3.1 to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses 4 3.2 focus on the specific market 5 3.3 get well-defined objectives 5 3.4 benefit to the negotiation in business 5

4.Conclusion 6

II. Bibliography

1. Introduction

Today's world has entered the democratic, free and open era of information technology. The earth seems to become a village - 'global village', This shows that the people who are living in it become closer and closer. This close relationship causes a natural phenomenon, which is having the conflicts due to the different traditional culture, different lifestyles & different religion beliefs & etc from different countries. This phenomenon should be eliminated by the reasonable way in order to let the people all over the world be more mutual respect, mutual care, mutual assistance and cooperation with each other. So that intercultural communication is very important to the human beings over the world. It could help to deal with a lot of the conflicts and contradiction owing to the different culture. And also the intercultural communication and competence could help the corporation to get the further success.

2. Recognition of the intercultural communication
Knowledge in culture and pragmatics is becoming more and more prominent. Besides, when confronting people different from us, the attitude we take towards them and their cultures can also influence the effectiveness of the communication. Something we should keep in mind in intercultural communication is to avoid offending others. Intercultural communication is quite important for us in daily life.Intercultural communication could enlarge our knowledge. And we should realize it all the time.

2.1 Recognition and equality

Recognition and equality is the core of the multiculturalism. As is known to us, the multiculturalism contains many different cultures due to the different geography environments and different lifestyles. We should to commit other’s cultural value from the other countries. Just like a lot of the country has the religion beliefs, such as the India, we should respect their beliefs, though maybe we have the different beliefs. We should also be equal to them as well as their beliefs. In Kant's moral philosophy (1785), the categorical imperative formulates the equality postulate of universal human worth. His transcendental and philosophical reflections on autonomy and self-legislation lead to a recognition of the same freedom for all rational beings as the sole principle of human rights (Kant 1797, p. 230). Such Enlightenment ideas stimulated the great modern social movements and revolutions, and were taken up in modern constitutions and declarations of human rights. During the French Revolution, equality — along with freedom and fraternity — became a basis of the Déclaration des droits de l´homme et du citoyen of 1789. The same to the culture, every country own its unique culture, it is very valuable. So it is very important for the foreigners to recognition its value and respect its unique and specific culture. 1. Cf. wan, Fang (2007): p55.In CBN weekly

2. In: Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy
2.2corporate culture

the nature of corporate culture describles the actual the nature of corporate culture dscribes the asctual situation and behaviour within the...

Bibliography: 1. Cf. wan, Fang (2007): p55.In CBN weekly
6. Jeanne M. Brett (2005) : In: orgamization science
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